is laurent lamothe never change nationality?

Monel - April 14 2012, 8:41 AM

Why Laurent Lamothe did not protest this magazine allegation in 2008,he wasn't born in haiti.

In 2008 SABC MAGAZINE TOP SELLING was visited Laurent Lamothe's luxury house in South Africa said Laurent Lamothe born in Miami.

But'all haitian people have known that Laurent Lamothe was born in Haiti.

At the same token HAITIAN PEOPLE have to ask question:Is Laurent Lamothe never change his nationality in his life time.
At the same time he was personage non gratta at the SENEGAL:
Now the haitian paliarment corrompu,"Malpouwont-vande' de patri-tout mounjwenn" Wanna give the same Laurent Lamothe to lead the haitian affairs like prime minister.


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

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