I still have problem with that, why the senates take so long...

Patrick Princivil - April 13 2012, 12:52 PM

I still have problem with that, why the senates take so long to approuve Laurent Lamothe to be Prime Minister?

what is the Senate plan for Haiti?

In Canada some companies ask the employees just a record criminal check from the government of Canada, if this person have record criminal the company will decide if they will hire this applicant or not; I am a truck trailer driver, if I had record criminal, I would be able to drive only my own truck otherwise no company will hire me. I unnderstand that Haiti is not develop like the six powers in the world, but forget about the year of 1957-1986, if the senates, deputy and the other members of the parliament really knew the good or bad people to choose or not like that, why Haiti was devasted before the earthquake 2010 like that?

They are chosen Rene Preval to be prime minister for a first five years, he didn't do anything.

They brought him in the election, he became President, he didn't do anything; they put him Prime minister again, nada, they put him President again, mess-up. I name him first because after Duvalier he is the one who spend more time in the parliament, where were these members of the parliament?

I hope President Martelly will have full control to clean and kick out all the false prophets, wicked birds, free-mason, shampoele, baka, loup garou, 101 flags, bizango and all kind evil in Haiti.


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