Proof of Martelly dictatorship and predator of free speech and the press

Agent-x - April 11 2012, 8:11 AM

Haitians everywhere should reprint the message below that shows Martelly is a virulent dictator, an enemy of free speech, freedom of the press.

His milice rose, bribeocrats have the arrogance to define what is Haitian politic and what is not.

post the message below on face book, tweeters and to any website to show the world what is going on. Have foreign press test Martelly website

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Monel says...

Unfortunately people posted there to say what Martelly wanna hear,but I think it not a good thing for him,when you don't accept different... more »

Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

He drank tea with Fidel Castro,he drank wine with Chavez,he invited Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Jacmel carnival 2012,Mahmoud did not show up due to... more »