Believe me the web proxy program works. Do not subscribe to...

Agent-x - April 10 2012, 5:51 PM

Believe me the web proxy program works.

Do not subscribe to any of them because they will ask you for your debit card or your credit card. You want to be invisible and maintain your anonymity so no one could trace you.
One of the best one is "hide my ass".

1-Google: hide my ass.
2-hide my ass link will show up.
3-click on the link hide my ass
4-On the box that say :http// look below it and you will see SSL security then a rectangular box in the center that usually mention "off" on gray color on its right side. click on the left side of the box to have turn "on" with yellow color then look at your extreme right where a big rectangular box say Hide my ass. Click on it.It will prompt a Google box and type Martelly blog on the Google box. Et voila you are good to go.

Sometime hide my ass might be moody.

you will have to repeat the process over.

If you are not satisfied with "hide my ass" go to the the following other proxy services:

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Agent-x,with my Baboon brain i've tried your way,but...


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