The Diaspora Sends More Money Annually In Haiti Than AnyOther Assistance

Jean Pierre Alexandre - April 5 2012, 11:26 AM

Haiti - Economy: The diaspora sends more money annually in Haiti that international assistance
05/04/2012 11:38:11

Daniel Supplice, the Minister of Haitians Living Abroad (MHAVE) explained on a radio of the capital what wanted the Haitian diaspora "...the diaspora expects many things and contrary to what people think, the priority of that diaspora is not the dual citizenship.

It is obvious that this diaspora wants this dual citizenship, it's not a question of legal status or of migration, I think that they the [Haitians living abroad] have the impression of not being accepted as Haitian, they live that as a rejection.

Regardless of their passport, they remain attached to their country of origin, they are culturally Haitian, they consume Haitian, dance Haitian, dress Haitian, they live Haitian; thus, in this respect, they think that not to grant them this privilege to remain Haitian, it is an attack on their culture, their identity

By cons, what the diaspora wants above all is that we recognize its economic importance in the country's survival.

Official figures from the World Bank say that economic assistance to Haiti has increased from 500 million U.S. dollars in 2000 to just over $2 billion today [mainly from the North American diaspora, U.S. and Canada].

The diaspora sends more money annually in Haiti that international assistance, are we aware of what it means ?"

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