I will call Thierry Mayas Paul this weekend and will give him...

Agent-x - March 24 2012, 4:52 PM

I will call Thierry Mayas Paul this weekend and will give him precise instructions on how to remove those extortionists, blackmailers,freeloaders, gangsters,mercenaries, thugs,assassins, professional parasites from those government buildings.

Most of them were gainfully employed elsewhere since the last 14 years.

Some of them were working in the government or in the private sectors in various capacity such as security/insecurity/kidnappers etc agents in Haiti.

Thus, most of them are not entitled to back pay.

If any payment is made to them, the government should subtracts the back pay from other earning they received during the last 14years.

Webert Sicot said to Nemours Jean Baptiste:" Yo paka payer rou deux fois."

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Agent-x,if i may ask what are you recovering from? I...


Operation zero tolerance for extortionist

Operation zero tolerance for the extortionists, gangsters and mercenaries that are masquerading as military will start...

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