Agent x says:Mr Jean Pierre Alexandre inadvertently revealed...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 24 2012, 1:15 PM

Agent x says:Mr Jean Pierre Alexandre inadvertently revealed the macabre, savage and criminal practices of the Duvalier era without realising it.
Well Agent x, after 2 years you still can not see how strait forward i am!
I am the only man in this blog that always tell the truth the way it is, i always know, realize,clear on what i say or said here in this blog or elsewhere.

I am proud of Duvalier and believe me i think i am worse than Duvalier in someway.

I always said he deed the right thing but not enough, he did not clean the house enough and he forgot the yards around the house.

We are paying for some of his mistakes.

Either you conform or else.

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The Pope Says Communism Fails Cuba Big Time.

After all,Papa Doc was right to pull out every finger nails of those Haitians whom claims communism was good.

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