President Martelly has to survive already, they try to make...

Patrick Princivil - March 15 2012, 5:46 PM

President Martelly has to survive already, they try to make the poor people suffer more than the way they are if it was me I would resign and see what will be the next?

but they have to know that, US-Canada know who they are already, they should know, they will not find a corrup President to help them sucking the nation's blood anymore.

I believe that, take a pig, give him or her a shower and put perfum on the pig, anytime you let the pig go, he or she will comeback in the same mess. Only God in heaven can change human been. Lion is Lion, if God put a good Christian on power, if they try to messup with that President, the Lord in heaven will wipe them out, because the poor have to survive.

God don't buid Haiti for only for (grand mang

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