Martelly's criminal agenda from February 2012

Agent-x - February 27 2012, 11:20 PM

Those are what you should watch in Martelly agenda for the weeks to come:

1- Martelly set fire at Tabarre public market to send a message to Aristide.

2- Martelly has plan to have Aristide arrested withing the next few days on so called narcotics dossier because Martelly feels threatening with his triple or more nationality hot case. Martelly believe that Lavalass is behind the investigation of his nationalities.

There is no narcotics dossier on Aristide otherwise the USA could have use it long time ago instead of kidnapping him and make a foul of itself in front of the world.

3- An evil foreign force in Haiti are pushing Martelly to persecute Aristide since they have no ground to prosecute him. This will be their worst mistake ever.

4- There are incontrovertible evidences about Martelly triple or more nationalities! He is under tremendous pressure.

5- Martelly just formed 4 secret police forces including SIN and one for overseas extra-judicial killing to consolidate his dictatorship.

Martelly is planning to use lethal force including poisoning starting June 2012 to intimidate journalists and the opposition.

6- Martelly is pressurizing the police chief Mario Andresol to resign so he could nominate a terror boss to arrest, to exile or to kill his opponents.

7-Martelly tentativelly picks Ms Anne Valerie Milfort, Laurent Lamorthe and Tierry Mayard Paul as candidate to fill the post of Haiti Prime Minister none of them will be qualified

8- Martelly is trying to protect his cousin Bellerive in the 300 million dollars contract racket with the Dominican Republic.

This racket does not include medications and other goods that were diverted to Dominican Republic instead of coming to Haiti during the few weeks and months after the earthquake of January 12th 2010. Those diversions should be investigated.

So if the Dominican Republic give Haiti a university that cost 50 million this is the bonus over the money they already took!

9- Lavalass will have a popular demonstration on Wednesday Feb 29th 2012. Martelly should refrain himself from interfering or that will be a colossal mistake.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Blah,blah,blahhh"Agent-x". Let's see,time is in Haiti's side. The truth will suface like trash on the beach. more »