Aristide Nan Zin,Aristide Nan Cho,Aristide Pral Swe Jis Nan Zozol'l

Jean Pierre Alexandre - February 27 2012, 8:00 AM

ARISTIDE, they are coming for you
I want you to always have some good close on you in case the show up next hour, day or next week.
Don't sleep in you pijamas anymore.

This shouldn't be long according my source.

Remember, Jean Pierre Alexandre never fail with his info.

Manda'ya deja Ayiti ap chofe soley

Mwen pa'p kab di'wou si se la frans, ou si se Zeta Zini"Gwo tonton Sam".

This is too hot in the kitchen for anyone who don't have grrin'n nan bouddal'l.
From now until his last breath, Aristide should never have peace again.

He better have a good lawyer, he better know how to disappear for real this time.
If i was him, i would hang myself stead of having them take me away from my sweet home"Tabarre, Haiti".

Jean Pierre Alexandre, the son of a bitchh you better shutthefuckup.

Anyway, i cannot wait.

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