I have enough with these stupid arguments arent you ashamed...

Fernande Desir - February 16 2012, 1:26 PM

I have enough with these stupid arguments arent you ashamed you Haitian people
A president rightfully elected, who's doing a wonderful job he and his wife Can't you give a last chance to the haitian population?

The Haitian people feel
loved, they feel like human being at last. Since when anybody ever seen poor children receiving gifts from everywhere in the country if they are not the children of colonel this, general that, capitaine or Major.

Who ever dress casual like them to kiss them to hug them as he has done all Christmas seasons and continue to like them everyday.

Would you please leave these poor people alone with their president of choice.

You think if America had anything relevant to put My president down they would not use it against him before the

They would be happy to. So dear Haitian people use your brain.

Don't let anyone make you act stupid.

Swallow your pride and walk with your president.

He has his arm open to any Haitian Citizen who really love Haiti
to work together to save our Country.

Thank you. God bless you.

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