Third world politicians act more or less on the basis of...

Bernadette - February 14 2012, 9:15 PM

Third world politicians act more or less on the basis of impunity.

The poorer the country the lesser the accountability due to many factors including but not limiting to poor economics, lower standard of living, lower educational level and above all the general acceptance of violence, social injustice and corruption throughout the world are a given from third world countries.

Third world countries like Haiti has got to step up to demand better treatment for itself and accept no less. But, remember ECONOMICS of the country is the key word.
The Privacy Act applies to private citizens.

Anybody in the public limelight is fair game; The Privacy Act does not apply to them UNLESS they can make a case for strongly menacing act or statement like intent or act to murder or arson and the likes which in turn is called the "Terrorist Act".

In that case, arrest and incarceration are strong possibilities.

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Can somebody please give a clear understanding on the...

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