Jean Claude Duvalier Is a dead man on vacation

Field Marshall Danny - February 9 2012, 10:36 PM

Jean Claude Duvalier and his father and macoutes were extension of U.S.A. armed forces and butchers during the cold war.

Many Haitians Duvalier killed were done under the directive of the U.S. This is why the U.S. is protecting his former butchers worldwide regardless of the atrocities they committed.

This kind of criminal insurance policy also will convince future pro American criminals that the US will protect them no matter what.

The USA imposed Right Wing Extremist Michel Martelly to Haiti as a guarantee to protect those former butchers including Jean Claude Duvalier, Toto Constant and all the macoutes.

The USA is a rogue states that is violating international laws routinely and is financing thugs in Iraq, Somalia, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran etc to overthrow legitimate government and have them replaced by psychopath pro American governments.

Having said that, If the Haitian courts and the internationally competent institutions failed to punish Duvalier and his macoutes for war crimes, we the people in Haiti will make sure that Jean Claude Duvalier will pay for his crimes in the people's Court meaning the streets where we will get him a la Rafael Le

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Arsene Edme says...

This man has too many enemies to walk around freely. They are going to obliterate him soon or later. The question is not if but when the opportunity... more »