a reply to tank from brian andrew

Brian Andrew - February 5 2012, 10:58 PM

Tank, I could not reply to you on "Martelly's blog, because these people barred me over for no good apparent reason.

This is okay on the account I have no reason to blog there anyway.

I don't care. I like "Belpolitiks better.

Tank, please enlightening me. Why do you labeled me a "Racist"?

Are you out of your mind by any chance?

What have I done to prove to you that I am a "racist"?

You make a statement, yet you did not elaborate to support what you said. I have no idea of what you are referring to therefore I cannot defend myself.

I am not afraid of the epithet but would like to know why I deserve it.
I told you that my son is 1/4 Haitian, how "racist" that made me?

My son will not care anyway.

He knows who I am.
Tank, when you made a statement, please support it with fact before somebody sue you for libel.

Nobody likes character assassination.

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