Mon cher Jean Pierre, I strongly believe that you are a good...

Jjjjadrin - January 19 2012, 7:30 PM

Mon cher Jean Pierre, I strongly believe that you are a good or excellent human being.

You have a great heart and it's speaking for you.
About your suggestion, it is suicidal.

You can expose these opportunistic people/ thieves, if you wouldn't want to go back there sooner.

If you look into public opinion, Martlly's site you w'd fine the truth about an imbecile whose judge of Gressier, he is from Leogane, this criminal is not a lawer, doesn't know anything about laws. He is a tenth grader, an alcoholic, his name is franklin montinat.

This thief's selling the office of titulaire judge of Greessier for any price.

This mf keep innocent young men under a tente at the Gressier commissariat for weeks with handcuffs attached on a steel bed/chair until that he got money from their famillies.

He freed killers for little money and the money is shared amongs the inspector of police and his friends/protectors at the Parquet, of Port-au-Prince.

A policeman just opened a little store with the help of his in-laws in the US. One of his neighbors broke in the store at night.

The policeman found the thief and arrested him. montinat took money from the thief and released him. The policeman was very angry about the judge's decission, for that the policeman was transfered to another commissariat.

These thieves are still in charge of Gressier.

I believe that they have the blessings of Martelly.

What's president Martelly's waiting for to reform the judiciary dept/system?

I strongly believe that the tonton macoutes have returned in Ha

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I believe you should expose these people by spreading...

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