We are able to see the degenerate couple is having good time...

Mario Minuit - January 15 2012, 12:07 AM

We are able to see the degenerate couple is having good time but unfortunately we cannot know their location in the dimensions because of that uncertainty principle we explained earlier.

Thank to Aristide that was able to eject Francois Duvalier out of the time machine, the degenerate couple is safe and able to enjoy themselves.

Now we have Skah Shah "qui marche au pas de chat" to talk to them while les Shleu Shleu cannot resist flirting.

To complicate the matter the vindictive Skah Shah are trying to remind one of them something.

But in case of unacceptable conflict the lavalassiens will be able to reestablish order.

Everybody knows that by now.

Skah Shah - Neg Guinnin

Les Shleu Shleu, Ce ke map kimbe.flv

Magnum Band LIVE (3feuilles 3 racines)

After this music we will recess to serve clairin, tafia, 1787 Chateau Lafite wine, 1945 Mouton Rothschild wine, Roman

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You cannot be wrong if you are on the side of Lavasse...


The Degenerate time travel party officially start now

The party started at 03:00 hour sidereal time, instead of at 02:00 hour as expected.. We are apologizing for the 60...

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We are resuming the degenerate couple farewell party...

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