Jean Pierre Alexandre, Martely blog consistently block me...

Agent-x - January 11 2012, 8:03 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, Martely blog consistently block me. Those clown also on this Mazzora-politik blocked me. I know people that work on top computer places here in California.

I explain to the problem.

They told me ways and means to bypass the problem an laugh at those clowns on a daily basis.

There are so many counter measures, it is amazing.

Whenever I have to post something, I said to their blog: open it, you know what I means, then I shove it to them.
I remember that a couple of months ago you and Toulumin were complaining about Denial of Services--DoS. I told you what to do, but apparently, you guys did not pay much attention.

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Agent-x,you are right in the money. It's a shame for...


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Who cares? We hope they blocked you more often, if we...

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