Agent-x, you are the guy with a complex brain to handle things...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 11 2012, 6:52 PM

Agent-x, you are the guy with a complex brain to handle things in the perspective manner, that's the reasons you are the most targeted man in this blog.
It's look like you are the lard in everyone cooking pots, you prevent the ingredients get stuck in the bottom.

Talking about shelter, in Alaska 15 ft of snow in one single storm, and more coming in 2 days, meaning that homeless is in deep trouble if he is in Alaska.

If he is in New York he better start praying God for the cold winds from Canada don't make his way down.

By the way, you are right about Michio Kaku's ways;His ability to make a clear point is not standard.

Are you familiar with James Maxwell, Tom Valone?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre, we have a soup kitchen client...


Agent-x,Refresh Your Input

Agent-x,this is to keep you busy from thinking about Aristide. I hope this could keep you thinking for a few...

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The snow storm in Alaska probably will not affect...

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