Jean Pierre Alexandre, you beat me this time "big time...

Agent-x - January 11 2012, 2:29 PM

Jean Pierre Alexandre, you beat me this time "big time" regarding the largest distant galaxy cluster that has been spotted by astronomers using a telescope in Chile.

It is at Seven billion light years away and with two million billion times the mass of our Sun.

I wish that every blogger will contribute to the path to enlighten on this blog instead of being welfare recipient of the Lavalass program on this blog. ♦♦The soup kitchen couple ♦♦♦ The soup kitchen couple has made no contribution to the funds of knowledge base on this blog. They are symbolizing the worst form of parasitism humanity ever known.♦♦ Agent-X has more political clout in Washington than this soup kitchen couple.

I am asking the other bloggers not to be intimidated by those city rats that probably live in the subway tunnel.

Google or read: The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City [Paperback] Jennifer Toth

One thing about learning, the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know.*[L1,L2]
Nowadays our generation is bombarded by upward spiraling of information that the scientific community is generating every day, this everlasting flood of information bewildering me. This trend passed the point of no return since the 1930.
I am convincing that humanity must invent a bionic memory preferably biologic to cope with this everlasting "lavalass" of data. We hope that the current and future lavalassiens at Tabar, Haiti will be the first one to solve this scientific problem.

Flash Aristide matter let open parenthesis, brackets, square brackets...

{[BTW: belpolitik site block all the Aristide links.

I tried to send you two links from Aristide organization belpolitik cut the link. The message is clear this link might be CIA payroll acting as a sponge to gather info on who is who in the Haitian community.

Someone rightfully pointed out on this blog several times that Preval blog, Martelly blog, belpolitik or Mazora-politik and other Haitian blog with identical formats are financed by the traditional enemies of the sons and daughters of Dessalines.

This assertion seems plausible.

There is some stunning information about the Aristide foundation on the blog. I take this opportunity to tell the real Haitians, those that are not traitors to Google: -org ►replace the dash by a dot before the word org and that will lead you to the paradis terreste.]}

All parenthesis and brackets are closed now. Let resume the initial topic.

Very often while scientists are publishing information the information become obsolete at the very moment of its publication.

We know very little about the universe.

We are able to see a fraction of the visible 17% of the universe.

Dark matter constitutes 83% of the matter in the universe and 23% of the mass energy.

I tend to accept with caution and reservation the yo-yo model of the continually expanding and contracting universe meaning a perpetual big bang and crunch in other word the universe or the multiverses are dilating and contracting almost like the heart.

However, it stand to reason that assumption is in havoc with other fundamental laws in physics which would violate the first law of thermodynamics and/or the second law of thermodynamics since Einstein thinks that the laws of physics are similar throughout the universe.

I take this assumption with a grain of sugar to protect my blood pressure.

Correct me if I am wrong because Einstein


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Agent-x,this is to keep you busy from thinking about Aristide. I hope this could keep you thinking for a few...

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