My bro Jean Pierre Alexandre, why you reply me on Agent-X...

Monel - January 10 2012, 4:43 PM

My bro Jean Pierre Alexandre, why you reply me on Agent-X named, you know better that I'm not Agent-x, you know my style, if one day you change name, it not gonna be difficult for me to identify your style.when Jean Pierre posted I know this is you, you fought with agent x long time, I just have a couple months since I visited this blog, you supposed to know agent x style better than everyone.

let Mr. Brian Andrew equates me to agent x.he asked me to write my post in English, I'm not gonna do that for him, if he think he got an upper high class life, he supposed to hire someone to translate my sh!t, because I'm in the lower class I hired an American like him to understand when he posted his damn sh!t.
Brian like Haitian people, the first black nation had free out of slave, you don't have any power to tell me what I'm supposed to do.I went to school to understand your f'orkin damn broken language sh!t.anyway I know a school on church Ave NY who gives French Creole for foreign people.

I'm gonna still reply you in Creole whenever you post even though you not understand.but, beside you, everybody on this blog gonna understand.

I don't care if you don't understand.and I don't have any regret if you don't understand.

Jean Pierre Alexandre my bro stop equate to agent x.
we talk soon bro! Take care.

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Agent-x,do you have their numbers,i think it's a good...

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