Monel, aka Agent-X, if you want me to respond to you, you have...

Brian Andrew - January 10 2012, 2:53 PM

Monel, aka Agent-X, if you want me to respond to you, you have to talk in a language that I can understand.

My name is in your comments, you said things about me but I can't answer you because you did not write it in English.

Are not you man or woman enough to stand by your words?

Since you are talking about me, I have the right to retaliate or rebuttal.

What kind of a coward are you?

You are talking about me but not with me.
Just like you Agent, you apologized in one hand and talked in a different tongue about me. It can't be good, otherwise you would have said it in English.

I demand that you repeat what you said in English.

By the way Agent or Monel, you are light brown skin, short (5'4"), chubby and long wavy dark hair, mixed race features.

You dressed as a female, I assumed you are one. Is that too close for comfort?

If I am wrong, prove it!! I want you to prove me wrong.

Go ahead, make my day.

Response to:

Brian andrew,map repete pou ou anko mwen pa yon...


Be aware that Monel, Pretty-1, etc are not connected to Agency-X-1804

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