Carl Henry Dietz, why you want to project your criminal...

Agent-x - January 10 2012, 2:30 PM

Carl Henry Dietz, why you want to project your criminal behavior and killer instinct to the luminary and maximum leader Jean Bertrand Aristide.

Let me quote verbatim what you said,"Kill Aristide, get the bodies of all those babies that he has killed and take Mildred as your concubine.

What about Aristide's 2 daughters, what would be your plan for them..."

Based on what you said, I may infers that you are a dangerous degenerate psychopath on the loose.

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Oh Please, You Emperor? Are we voting for you as an...


Vote for Agent-X as Haitian Emperor

Agent-X will not accept lowly position such as Governor General currently held by bc2,Premier minister currently held...

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