No the real expression is bois chatte meaning death. However...

Agent-x - January 9 2012, 10:59 PM

No the real expression is bois chatte meaning death.

However, Agent-X like to use unpredictable literary tricks to hold your attention since one of the odd couple has attention deficit disorder.

Thus, I willfully deviate from regular cliches or break from routine as an attention device and to wake them up.
For instance, when you expect to read rest cuillere in a sentence, I will write rest fouchette! That will give them a pleasant surprise and an intellectual stimulant, an inward pleasant reflective moment and help them to reading.

Let me give you an analogy.

Suppose you must drive for 8 consecutive hours at 90 miles an hour on a well kept expressway with no traffic light and almost with no no other vehicles on it.
Such ideal situation will become increasingly boring and might slow down your attention until you fall to sleep or inadvertently killing yourself.

But if infrequently you have to take action to deflect an obstacle on your path, that will keep you awake, save you from drifting into mental numbness or atrophy and help you observe and retain more information regarding the landscape.

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Agent-x says:I would like to talk to them before you...


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