Agent-x says:Transfer your Estate and your bank account to...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - January 9 2012, 12:31 PM

Agent-x says:Transfer your Estate and your bank account to Lavalass.

Agent-x, i am aware Lavalas are very good in identity theft, so good in stealing people in broad day light with not a single trace.

Aristide proove himself already to Haitian people that he is a thief, he even stole my mother $30,000 witch i am not complaining about because she is a dirty Lavalas :)

My money will go to the new church construction in Haiti "Shalom Tarbernacle".

This is a nice project to donate my cash and i am happy about it.
As a animal, God will change me to a new born Christian again soon.
For your info, i will surrender my life to God soon.
I hope you can do the same, right now your life is in Aristide, an animal just like me.

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Mr. or Miss. Jean Pierre Alexandre, your writings are...


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