Anyway Brian, I already got too many superstars on this blog...

Monel - January 7 2012, 2:37 AM

Anyway Brian, I already got too many superstars on this blog, I'm not gonna let you become one in reply you from time to time.Only one thing I know, you the American's middle class we already spoiled by living in state helps.

we believe that something coming down from the sky for us, we don't believe in open business, because most of American small business belong to the immigrant.,
We believe in occupied wall street, ask people to share what they've been working hard for long time. Don't ask me to go back to school to open business.

I was going to school in my country to manage my own business I got since 10 asked me to think big, I did it already, nice house, nice car and big business in my country.

I advice you to go registered in board of education like teacher, now you gonna stop being a homeless.

Be focused on your future with Obama and tea party sh!t.I got mine already.

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Monel, Agent-X, Pretty1, you are not fooling anybody...


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