Monel, Agent-X, Pretty1, you are not fooling anybody. I am...

Brian Andrew - January 6 2012, 10:56 PM

Monel, Agent-X, Pretty1, you are not fooling anybody.

I am giving you some credits for trying though.

Sorry If I sound like a "teacher" that is unintended.

I have no intention nor the desire to teach anything.

I just want to converse every now and then with you people, this is all. Nothing more and nothing else.
It is somewhat frustrating blogging here, because most of the time my commments have been misunderstood and taken to something not at all resembled what I originally said.
If you truly believe that US owes you money, why is your country ask for it in the form of Foreign Aid?

Foreign Aid equals charity donation.

We clearly don't owe you any money.

Otherwise, your country would have asked for it ages ago.
We have other countries for charity money to benefit your country.

We gave substantial amount of money as charity to your country.

Money we will never see again in any way shape or form.
Sorry if I don't structure my posts in a neatly or orderly fashion with a little bow on top so you can step by step understand my point...

Why should I be ashamed of renting from a landlord that happened to be Haitian-American?

Her ethnicity has nothing to do with the building.

This building has large windows, skylights, over looking the Hudson River, indoor pool with exercise machines, internet connection all around the spa, sauna, six person hot tubs with ten jets in every apt., a literary club on week-end feeding through the local library who meet through our building every week-end. We even have a big 62 inch TV in the lounge for special movie night on week-end and holidays.

The landlord has a couple of apts reserved ONLY for people around the world as "vacation apts".

We give them the true AMERICAN experience and in turn they give us "foreigner" experience.

There are many wineries around the community who sent us sample tasting wine four times a year. NOBODY ELSE has that kind of service in renting.

Our landlord does not advertise, people get in ONLY by recommendation.

Yes, she charged a kings ransom for her apts, but it is worth it. We are comfortable with it and are not complaining.

The landlord is well known and is appreciated by our community.

The renters are mainly European-Americans.

There are two Haitian-American doctors who are practicing at a nearby hospital.

Now, how is that for a greasy spoon, welfare building?

By the way, let me know where I can collect welfare and live comfortably still?

You seemed to know quite a bit about welfare...I can't say that I am surprised.

What are you first, second, third or more generation on welfare?

No wonder US is on deficit.

For your information, Obama is not the issue, brainwashed hotheads like you would like to think so. You would make a great Republican...

Go ahead, take advantage of my country.

Now that you have your CDL license, think big. Go back to school at my countrymen expense to learn how to manage a business.

I believe "BOCES" or your local community college have those courses.

Open up your own Cargo transportation business.

You can make ten times that $27.00 per hour you are talked about.

Good luck.

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Mr Brian Andrew,I'm really appreciate the way you...


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