At Brian, sorry for all the misunderstandings on this blogs...

Carl Henry Dietz - January 5 2012, 7:29 PM

at Brian, sorry for all the misunderstandings on this blogs.

Your opinion about us is somewhat justified but not all of us think the same way, okay. A lot of us are ignorant savant who without the help from the net will not be able to formulate anything of their own. They are the Net's Perroquets.

Some of us do understand your anger.

I do hope you continue blogging here because not only you can contribute, you are also coming from a different perspectives, hence layering our efforts and understanding.

As you know some of us are clickish by nature.

It takes an intelligent mind to move away from its surroundings and venture like you did.
We understand and appreciate your Country's help in helping our own and our people.

Hopefully, someday, some of us will understand that US owes nothing to Haiti.

France is the Country that owes Haiti.

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"Agent-X" or whatever your name happened to be you...


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