Not because they have other things to do, for them to let...

Richelet Crown - December 30 2011, 8:01 PM

Not because they have other things to do, for them to let those who already in there, do whatever they want. if they done bad enough to be or got fired.

yes! they have to got/get fired, in order to get country move forward.

this is exactly the kind of government we all need in Haiti.

a government that can get people fired anytime & whenever they think they can do whatever they want as it was the own business.

because been & be in the government is a job, is not a family business.

where you can come & do whatever you want. it is a place where if you done good, you worth to stay. if not. you fired.

because it is time for government employee in Haiti knows that, been in the government is job. & a responsibility.

not some place you come to chill.

& once again to do whatever you want.

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