is haiti doomed for failure?

Chantal - December 29 2011, 7:21 PM

Ketie, to do something positive, a lot of us would need a plan of action, a structure on how the plan will be developed, skills to draw people together to a common cause and incentives to keep them moving.

It is just to show you that Haiti does have MONEY to move forward but the HUMAN INFRASTRUCTURE is not there.

Let it not be said again that Haiti is poor and that's the reason we can't move forward.

Haiti est pauvre d'esprit.

Let the truth be known.

The reason that lots of people are screaming "Discrimination" now is because they see money coming in the country via Foreign Aid again, if the feel out of the loop for the money, yo pral gate sa by creating civil disobedience in the country.

One of the stipulations to receive the money is that Haiti must have political stability.

Nobody gives a damn about the Duvaliers or Duvalierist anymore, they are just using the name to get empty heads on the streets because they don't know what to do with themselves.

I am getting very discouraged about Haiti.

Perhaps, it is true what the International Communities said about us, that "we are doomed to failure".

Racism had very little to do with it...We can't seem to venture toward anything new so we go back to past failures; at least we know exactly what the failures were, or do we?

I can understand there is a brain drain in the Country, but so much negativism is truly unnecessary and discouraging.

I am also taken aback with the cynicism and the total lack of respect, especially on this blog to deter anyone to move on up with a positive attitude.

My only hope is that this blog does not represent a sample of the Haitian spirit at large.

It would have been such a pity if it were.
Some of us are so delusion to think that the flow of foreign aid will continue even after Haiti became unstable, talking about faulty logic!!
Another big one is to think that they can destroy the mulattoes all together.

Don't you people think that once this idea is perceived, all help monetary and otherwise would ceased and truly leave Haiti to its own device...People would start in great numbers facing our corrupted rivers, just like the fish dead in great numbers...

True, Whites don't exactly care for Mulattoes, but they will understand that mass massacre of people who are part of them is a menace to them?

Most Countries think they are doing the last dance with Haiti, if it does not work this time, we will truly be in quarantine for an indefinite period of time.
I basically have nobody left in Haiti.

I am very much Americanized and pretty much can adopt to any place around the globe.

But I would truly feel sorry for HAITI if that were to happen.

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Mezanmi! Pa gen yon moun menm ki te li istwa sa?...

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