Tiba, I can understand your frustration. But we can't play...

Bernadette - December 21 2011, 10:30 PM

Tiba, I can understand your frustration.

But we can't play dead. We have got to work with what we have, as little as it may appears; We must make it work. We have to fake until we make it. It is very true that we won't and can't fool any investors but we can offer them the best of what we have. Tourism is a viable source of income even for countries like the United States, Canada and Europe.

Tourism should start with our lesser island like Tortuga Island and Northern Haiti like Cape Haitian.

Places that are seemingly less affected by the last quake and overtly offensive poverty.

Places that are less menacing to targeted clientele.

We need to be somewhat more CREATIVE.

Instead of asking foreigners to build us roads and airports, why don't we barrow their names to better advertise Haiti?

You know with the help of technology and creativity we can work wonders.

For instance, Let us ask foreigners to "Adopt a road".

Their names and their glory will be splattered all over the roads.

Watch and see how much better responses that we get.I am only talking about small community dirt roads.

Highways are Government projects.

People just don't give anything for nothing; It is just not part of their make-up. Tell them let us make a deal, they are all ears. We said that we are an independent and Sovereign Country.

Let us ACT IT.
Nobody these days drink top water anymore.

Most countries including 1st world countries drink bottled water.

Fine, We don't have showers all over the place, How about building one huge room around a river, dress it up and call it the "The Community bath" like in the old days., Roman Empire style.

Do you know how many business deals are made there, because people feel intimate and comfortable?

It is a lot cheaper than buying scotch and vodka.

Tiba, I don't want to preach to you. I respect you, man.
We have to encourage our people, not discourage them.

Haiti has got to be a little bit more creative than usual.

OH, YES, WE CAN and we will.

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