Yes, Monel I remember very well how traumatic that was. I was...

Bernadette - December 21 2011, 8:52 PM

Yes, Monel I remember very well how traumatic that was. I was a kid then I could remember the fear and the resentment in my parents faces when anybody mentioned the Duvaliers...I can also remember the song: Roye, Roye dife nan kaye la jete dlo, Roye, Roye dife nan kaye la rele pompier...The follow-ups are usually murders, disappearances at night and nobody knows what happened next to these people.

I also remember the family hiding in Arcachon, the current name for suspected rebels were "Komoken".

I also remember sitting under a table (in case they start shooting at the house) reading book the "Le Journal d'Anne Frank" and totally and uncomfortably related to her pain without knowing why. I was 10 years old. Yes, I also had sisters and brother and cousins hiding with us. YES, I DO REMEMBER.

I also remember how disappointed I was when I heard from a distance to Haiti that Francois Duvalier died of natural causes...WOW, crime does pay after all.
Take also in consideration that 2/3?

of Haiti is under 17 years old...

They may not be able to relate.

All they may know is that Papa Doc helped dad or grand-dad with health related issues during Francois's pragmatic and well calculated campaign...Or he gave dad or grand-dad a job through the macoutist and we were able to traumatize the whole community and then some....

Yes, I do remember how few names resonates terror like "Ti-Bobo, Boss Paint".

Is Jean-Claude as bad as his dad?

I don't think so. I was able to travel to Haiti peacefully.

I did not feel threatened.

Did Jean-Claude act responsibly?

I will say No. Not after the media publicized with his wife and his signature the amount of money taken from the Country.

I was hoping that upon his return, he would give some of the money back to the people, but to no avail.

Yet, the Haitian people still have the heart to forgive him, go figure.But yet we also have the gull to criticize the international money for money pledged but not received.

Money pledge is not a contract and is not legally binding.

Money pledged is a moral obligation but not a legal one. Therefore, we cannot go after them for the money.

I am hoping still that both Aristide and J.C.Duvalier will do something good for the Country.

Some deed that has nothing to do with turning back the clock.



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