Alexandre, I know that your "you Q" is still in the lamentable...

Agent-x - December 18 2011, 11:57 AM

Alexandre, I know that your "you Q" is still in the lamentable range.

Nevertheless, as an African offspring you must be able to differentiate foes from enemies to quote Malcolm X, "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything."

Farrakhan shows respect to Haiti and its cultural heritage.

Farrakhan may have been related to Dutty Boukman since his father was a Jamaican.

Louis Farrakhan has been helping Haiti since the earthquake to my knowledge.

His clean water assistance has been preventing millions of Haitian from water borne diseases.

I never see Louis Farrakhan men on TV and elsewhere disrespecting Haiti and Its culture.

If you have proof to the contrary, submit it to this site for the knowledge of everyone.

Do not associated Louis Farrakhan relations with Haiti with other groups.

Haiti is a sovereign nation and Haitians have the right to maintains relation with whoever is beneficial to Haiti without out interference and guilt by association.

Your allegiance should be to Haiti as Wyclef Jean is trying to do. He is not those Haitians that claims the are more Catholic than the pope or sicker than their masteres when their masters are sick.

I am not a fan of Wyclef Jean because he is against Aristide and pro macoute, but hate the dog, said that his teeth are white.

Wyclef Jean is a true patriot; he is not a traitor.

To quote Malcolm X again,

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