OK, Jean Pierre, I don't know for a fact Agent-X is a girl...

Choucoune - December 17 2011, 3:15 PM

OK, Jean Pierre, I don't know for a fact Agent-X is a girl. The way she explained things on the blog, the way she keep on one subject and will not move from in. only women do that. If Agent-X is not a girl he or she is acting like one. She curses like a woman to. Men usually get to pointing out something, then leave it alone.

Men discuss opinion not like women.

Well, Agent has some kind of reasonable intelligence but she is no genuis.

She is good at looking things from internet, this is what she is good at.
She is good to at bloging on different names, most new names on this blogs belong to Agent, you know because the topics are the same with only one agenda, to make Martelli look bad and to make Aristide look good, if she is not doing that the she goes on some pretending social topic like she cares, I can't believe she embrace Farrakhan, this guy is a crook.

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"Agent-X" and her allies are lunatics. Please, people...


mr st preux

my email is change so u send me all the news at charlena2 at hotmail.com by the way i am going to hinch nex month...

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