Why so many bloggers moved from Martelly blog to Mazzorapolitik?

Agent-x - December 17 2011, 1:00 PM

Why so many bloggers moved from Martelly blog to Belpolitik?

This is a good question.

[" Meaning anything in the following continuum: I don't know the answer or your guess is as good as mine or I don't know but since you asked me, I am smarter than you and I will give you an answer anyway "

38;#9830;Speculation #-1 The Political refugees.

Agent-X study shows that most bloggers are political refugees from Martelly blog because Michel Martelly bouncers ejected them from Martelly blog for their political opinions since Martelly is the ennemy of free speech, free press and an avowed dictator.

♦ Speculation #-2 The Economic refugees.

Some of the new bloggers on Belpolitik are outright flatters of Martelly that voted for him or are brother or sister in vice that tried to find a job in Martelly government without success.

They are residing in Haiti as well in the diaspora.

Probably they failed to brush their hair with kiwi shoe polish because Martelly group is looking for half white, a quarter white and black with cheveu siro as a condition for temporary employment.

Others are victims of electronic money transfer hold up and telephone minutes hacking by the Martelly government

38;#9830; Speculation #-3 The homelessmind.

This category involves those that don't know the difference between a political party and a political organization or between Senator and Deputy or the difference between a Premier Minister and a President or the difference between Christopher Columbus and Henri Christophe.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,what about those who humming in both blogs? Can you talk about something constructive? Where is my info regarding the Logon descendant folks... more »

Monel says...

I move from Martely blog to BEL POLITIK.COM for many reasons:First level people on this blog act like"cryinng baby",The way they flatted... more »

Agent-x says...

Monel, the first types you describe on Martelly blog are already moving to belpolitik or mazzorapolitik as economic refugees. Martelly did not give... more »