Alexandre, if you are a cross dresser or like to wears pink...

Agent-x - December 16 2011, 5:34 AM

Alexandre, if you are a cross dresser or like to wears pink ties, pink shirt pink underwear or like to hangout in San Francisco or in the Village in Manhattan, NY, Farrakhan obviously will not accept your contribution if he knows about your abomination.

Farrakhan need real men. If you are a real man, send him at least one thousand US dollar for the year of 2012.
Even Wyclef Jean who is pro Martelly, pro macoute, and anti-Jean Bertrand Aristide supports Farrhakhan cause.


Gain ge kale bouche kale and Samson hair that cannot be shave by deception.

Hcvanalysis-wordpress-com -haiti-cuba-venezuela ▬ 13 December 2011►water purification.

HAITI: Minister Farrakhan Donates $150K Water Purification System

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Agent-x,how much money you already sent to Farrakhan...


Support Louis Farrakhan by buying his papers,audi-video,listen to his radio

Those that are interested in past and contemporary social struggle and politics should read and listen to people like...

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Agent-x,i am interested in trees,i want to plant...

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