Agent-X as usual, you have gotten some raw data about...

Bernadette - December 12 2011, 9:47 PM

Agent-X as usual, you have gotten some raw data about Farrakhan than called it a day.
Can you see Haitians selling newspaper everyday and work for free to Mr. Farrakhan?

I suggest you do a little bit more data analysis about Mr. Farrakhan.How about interviewing people who have worked for Mr. Farrakhan?

There are young Haitians who are at impressionable age and can easily swayed who read this thread everyday.

Be a little bit more careful about what you are writing.

Be a responsible Haitian.

In the States Mr. Farrakhan has a dubious reputation, at best. Again Farrakhan lured lots of people of color and especially Black youth during the 1960's Black Power movement.

He got rich and famous but none of his followers did. He is not above Murder to reach his goal. "By any means necessary", remember.

Martin Luther King, Malcolm-X are not around to ask or answer any questions but Angela Davis is...

You should know better than that, there is no such thing as "semi caucasian" in America.

The African Race is so powerful that one drop of it will make you Black.

It is only recently that a person of color has the option of choosing neither Black nor White under the banner of "Multiculturism".

and has the option of choosing "Other" on relevant applications.

Most mixed race persons identify themselves as "Black", irrelevant of their skin color.

(Malcolm-X had blue eyes and red hair).

America is not Haiti.

The peckering order is somewhat different here.
Very true, The youth of the 60's needed social reassurance and hope, Farrakhan capitalized on it...; In the process lots of families became disenfranchised as young men and women were leaving their families to follow Louis F. The streets were full of salesmen and saleswomen selling trinkets, perfumes, soap and newspaper further the propaganda of his movement.

The Youth of New York, Chicago and other Big City USA Black America were coming from smaller cities mainly the impoverished south.

Domestic exodus was high between the 40's to the 60's. they were flocking up to the big cities, hence forming the Ghetto enclaves...

Illicit drugs like Heroin was en vogue, female headed households was the norm, Black youth incarceration was at all times high. A good percentage of Islamic movement took roots in the prison system.

Hope was important, The Black Power Movement took off like fire.
Louis Farrakhan walked on lots of toes to get there...

Haiti spells opportunity right now for Louis, let us hope it will not come back to haunt us.
Remember, our youth is vulnerable and impressionable right now...

Ah, yes, le vodou...Personally any religion that works for a culture is fine with me. Vodou kept Haitians sane during slavery.

It gave them a sense of belonging.

Le Vodou is essentially a clandestine Religion like for example Franc Mason...Its essence is humble and noble.

You will never see it commercialized with books and newspapers et als.
If Farrakhan can help, we should accept it gracefully but we should proceed with caution.


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