Solange/Sonia Pierre was indeed a great person. She dared went...

Bernadette - December 7 2011, 9:19 PM

Solange/Sonia Pierre was indeed a great person.

She dared went after what most of us talked about.

It is somewhat insulting how some of us here are using her name in vain. This is almost like blasphemy.

Ms. Pierre had a coronary illness known to her since 1997. A look at her last pictures taken showed that she did not look as healthy as her prior pictures.

To blame her community because of lack of access is somewhat ridiculous.

Should everybody from her community who died should cry political conspiracy?

In that case how many of our people died from Route National Number One?

Should all these people cry political conspiracy because of a lack of a better road?

Common people, get real. If we want to be taken seriously, we have to act responsibly.

Someone with a heart disease and with a pacemaker has to be at close range from a microwave for the effect to be lethal...

A 48 year old who died with a diagnosed heart condition is hardly an alarming political conspiracy.

Most people who make threats implicitly or explicitly usually want to vent anger.

People who mean business usually just do it and do their best to cover their tracts.

They don't talk about it. Ms. Pierre was in the limelight as a defender of an ethnic underdog, of course, she will get some slack because of it. That goes with the territory.

We forget that the Dominican Republic is still a third world country, their resources are limited too and they will fight others whom they consider outsiders who are fighting for the same opportunities that they have or think they have.
Should the Haitian-Dominicans get their fair shake in DR?

Everybody should emphatically say YES.
Then again this is precisely what Sonia Pierre was fighting about.

Let us NOT make a mockery of her memory.

Sonia Pierre's name will always be a symbol of integrity and social justice.

She earned that right.

What she did not earn, however is cheap demagogue and outrageous claims borderline insanity in her name.
RIP, Sonia -- We love you and your good work will continue through your Organization.


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