Organize to stop him or has he already returned? Jean Claude...

Earl - December 3 2011, 5:20 PM

Organize to stop him or has he already returned?

Jean Claude Duvalier did nothing wrong.

The only mistake he made was to marry the Bennett woman and allow her father (his father-in-law) to run the county.

Duvalier came to power at age 17 and was more a playboy than a leader at the time and then comes the Bennett woman and Ernest Bennett into the picture and Ernest Bennett ran the country from behind the scenes.

I know as I was a pilot for Ernest Bennett and in his office at his BMW dealership behind his desk was a large poster picture of Duvalier and Bennetts daughter.

In fact all over the island where ever there was a poster picture of President Duvalier in the poster photo was also his wife. Ernest Bennett once told me 'The best Banks in the world are in Panama' and I was wondering why we were flying to Panama so much and had assumed he was having some sort of affair there until he made that statement to me and it was clear then he was going to Panama so much to do his Banking.

I was there in early 1980s when Haiti not only had a standing army but also an Air Force which was unrelated to Bennetts Haiti Air. There was almost no crime in Haiti at that time. Bennetts car dealership may have said BMW but the only BMWs in the country was his and Baby Docs. Bennett sold Lada automobiles at his dealership (google Lada--its same as Fiat but make in Russia).


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I think he should stay. I tried not to just viewed...

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