Benadette, Haiti don't have a middle class. Beside, the...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - December 1 2011, 10:47 AM

Benadette, Haiti don't have a middle class.

Beside, the so-called small Hotels you've claim are owned by oppressors and crooks.

For many many years they have prevented and conspire with our dirty government officials to blocks new Hotels from errecting in the country by real businees peole from abroad.

Haiti never have a good 5 stars Hotel on it.
Those trailer trash hotels that are in Haiti are not Hotels.

Now, you will see real hotels.They should change those present hotelsto brothels or whorehouses.

I am thinking to get into pimp business in Haiti, i will inquire with their owners to get patnerships.

I am well connected with Russian girls, Chinesse girls, Romanians girls.

It's okay to smile.


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