Jean Pierre Alexandre when the police released you. I heard...

Agent-x - November 29 2011, 4:42 AM

Jean Pierre Alexandre when the police released you. I heard that you were caught stealing at Macy's during white Friday.

They said that the goodies you stole from Macy's were intended for Michel Bernett and adult size baby duck as gifts for Legba-Mass.

Do you know when Martelly will present his public mea culpa to the statesman, tactician,strategist and world renowned political chess master, the great and honorable maximum leader, Arnel Bellizaire?

Time is running out. Such action might save the sparrow-wacko Martelly from an impending impeachment procedure in January 2012. A Maya priest told him that he has to do it or face a stunning disaster.

He may chose Aristide to do the damage control for him because Aristide is good at words and deeds better than Martelly.

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Agent-x,you do know by now that i have a serious...


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Agent-x,wrong again! I never shop in Macy's,like a...

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