I would have to agree with you to the point that we need an...

Jean Roody Fleuranvil - November 22 2011, 12:43 AM

I would have to agree with you to the point that we need an army, however, I have to say that it is not the army's job to stop petty crimes.

that army should not do the job of the police.

That is what caused so many people to hate the concept of army. 17+ years ago we had an army trained for war man handling people...

See what's happening in Syria?

I said that I am for the formation of the army, but if we're going to have a "modern army" it needs to come with the full package.

No one should want to get in so they can get a gun and bully their neighbors, it should come with an independent internal service to investigate crimes committed the it's members.

Back in 1990's me and my parents had to flee the capital many times due to the army's way of handle things.

This must never be.

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