It has come to the understanding of all of those opportunists...

Ludovic Antoine - November 20 2011, 11:03 PM

It has come to the understanding of all of those opportunists to give the priority to the infrastructure of this contry named Haiti.

If there are no roads, no regulations in the trafic, how can we become a contry where the industries will take a big stage 0n our economy.The contry-side need transportation to bring their products to the cities, it'st time for us to consume our own fresh vegetables, fruits, and cereal, we are a agricultural contry we are not giving up. Any one named minister should give a 20% of their pay check every month to bring some change in the life of certain people living under poverty.This money colected can feed more than 2000 children every day, they will be the one who will replace those minsters in the furtur.This is my opinion.

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