Haitian-Vitamin-News-11-11-11►Tension in Aquin Roadblock on Rte Nat # 2

Agency-x-1804 - November 11 2011, 6:50 PM

News about Haiti has been interrupted because of threat of a thermonuclear exchange between East and West resulting from the insistence of Israel to attack Iran. The volumes of information we have to gather, process and analyze are staggering.

This war mode is preventing us from gather relevant news about Haiti.

We are limiting our reporting about Haiti only for crisis situation.

◙ Aquin, Haiti ▬ 11-11-11 Route National #-2 blocked from Aquin►Thousand of protesters set up Roadblock on route National #-2 despite the desperate intervention of Haitian police and the MINUSTAH.

The protester accused Deputy Fritz Gerald Bourjolly for his direct involvement in the arrest of one of his opponent but Deputy Bourjolly vehemently refuted the accusation but added the prisoner had had an outstanding arrest warrants.

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