President Martelly,It's About Agent-x.

Jean Pierre Alexandre - November 7 2011, 8:42 AM

I am very concern about Agent-x, i strongly believe as soon you call him and give him a job he will shut his F U C K I N G mouth.

Please, i cannot take this idiot anymore, i believe other bloggers are tired of him too.
I had a bad season last week in my hunting just because of him "Agent-x".

The worse, i even call a deer ounce i pointed my rifle on the animal and i call the animal Agent-x.I lost my chance to shoot Agent-x"the animal"
Agent-x is curse because the animal ran like a mad mustang in the wild.
Therefore, let's find a way to keep him silence for good.
First choice it's to call hin in, give a job he cannot refuse.

Keep his punk A S S busy.

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