Sparrow-wacko Michel Martelly met his match with Arnel Belizaire

Agent-x - November 5 2011, 2:26 AM

Sparrow-wacko met his match.

Once upon a time there was a man the Haitian people called sparrow-wacko.

He had no respect for the dark skin Haitians and the peasants.

Sparrow-wacko and his friends believed that they were privileged people by virtue of their genetic makeup that contains ten percent or more of Caucasian genes
They looked at the dark skin as undesirable people not worthy to be their friends, spouses because they consider them to be inferior people and subhuman that have no right to cohabite with them in the same geographical location except when they need their vote during elections time or to perform menial work for them. He and his friends called them, chimers, malandrins, negre sal and vagabons.

Such aberration leads the sparrow-wacko and his friends to consider the dark skin and the peasants as fair game because they tend to be voiceless in their community.


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Andre Senatus says...

Agent-x you are talented but you are using your skill in the wrong way. You should help Michel Martelly helping Haiti instead of mocking and... more »

Gerard Estme says...

This writing sound like a Lavalass writing.No doubts about it.those are the gansters that keeps haiti in a hole. When Michel Martelly military is... more »

Luci Ferr says...

AgentX and his other aka is a demented soul. AgentX,y,z. others, Dr. Feel Bad and other new names he used on this blog. Is there a method to your... more »

Roland Pervilus says...

min san ronte yo ankor. Ajan-X toujou pale Michel Martelly mal men li pa janm pale zak Aristide te pozer yo. Mwen pa panse ke Martell se yon saint... more »