Michel Martelly received an Eviction Notice from the Haitian People

We The Haitian People - November 2 2011, 3:53 AM

An Eviction Notice against Michel Martelly to vacate the premises of the National Palace in Haiti within 90 days from November 3rd, 2011 is already signed by Judge "We the people of Haiti."

The eviction notice was issued to Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly for the following reasons:

1- For breaching his agreement by not paying rent to the Haitian people

2- For converting the Haitian National Palace as an ill reputed House.

3- For converting the Haitian National palace as a refuge for depraved bandits that are assaulting on a regular basis respectable Haitian citizens at Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince, throughout the capital and elsewhere around the country.

4- For his association with national and international malefactors, contrebandiers in narcotics and illegal weapons to harm Haitian citizens.

5- For falsification of identity to sign the lease

6- For threatening to harm legitimate tenants at the Haitian National Palace.

7- Reckless driving of Mr. Martelly and his associates have created traffic hazard that causing substantial damage to other tenants cars and causing the death of some tenants during the last 90 days while the victims were intimidated on the scene.

We the Haitian people

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

F U C K _Y O U,F A G G O T S_AND B I T C H E S specially Agent-x the fag and yzw's agents ectera. He is here to stay.Remember 5 long years,"PUNKS" more »

Timanno says...

We, is reminding the Haitian people how terrible the cholera disease can be when it reaches the late stage and start attacking the brain of those... more »