Haitian Parliament put Michel Martelly in a political straight jacket

Agent-x - October 29 2011, 10:02 PM

Haitian Parliament put Michel Martelly in a political straight jacket
Haitian Parliament promptly placed Michel Martelly aka Sparrow-wacko in a strait Jacket politically and legally during their extraordinary session of Friday, October 28th, 2011.
The initial incident sparked on Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at the National Palace during a dispute between sparrow-wacko Michel Martelly and honorable Deputy Arnel Belizaire.

Sparrow-wacko Martelly has a low moral baseline of functioning and prone to intermittent explosive disorders.

He exploded without warning during an apparent disagreement with honorable Deputy Arnel Belizaire and fired volleys of vitriolic invectives toward Deputy Belizaire during which he threatened Belizaire with bodily harm.
Sensing that Martelly was beside himself and his rapidly changing body language suggesting that his chromosomes are reverting to their initial beastly past, honorable Belizaire used his higher legendary intellect to fled from the beast who were about to murder him at the National Palace in front of a frighten and horrified members of the parliament and the will be Premier Mister Mr. Garry Conille during that episode.

Few days later the sparrow-wacko Martelly had the audacity, Impudence and temerity to pursuit Deputy Belizaire out of spite and revenge.

Sparrow-wacko Martelly instructed his subservient Injustice Minister to kidnap honorable Deputy Arnel Belizaire, photograph him right away and to send him Belizaire

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

I wonder if Agent-x is not related to Ariel Belizaire? Agent-x is hiding behind Agent-x to bluff and all kind of intimidation. I swear to God,you... more »