I wonder if anybody will say they are surprised at the...

Aly Jean-louis - October 29 2011, 2:23 PM

>>>>>>I wonder if anybody will say they are surprised at the turn of events as we are witnessing a total degradation of our society, of our nation, of our country.

For decades, under the watch of so-called elected officials, our "proud" parliamentarians, the country has totally deteriorated, has lost all moral values, and become the pariah of nations.

Administrations have come and Administrations have gone; some lasted their entire terms, others lasted months, Parliament remains unscathed by the plight of the people of their respective constituencies; can They be trusted, at this point, to redeem themselves, and find in their souls some humanism, some "character" to turn things around, and regain respect as rightful representatives of the "proud" nation of HAITI?>>>>>>

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