I say hell yea on the idea of bring back the army forces to...

Johnny D - October 21 2011, 12:10 PM

I say hell yea on the idea of bring back the army forces to Haiti...I mean the police forces is useless they can't do shit to maintain all these problems with all the violence n kidnapping that's going on....I left Haiti when I was a kid n I haven't being there in 20 yrs I'm ready to head back where my heart desires, but we have too many issues going on. I totally agree with what President Martelly is focus on, reconstrucked the army forces, bring all the past president(s) to the table for the reconstruction of Haiti, now its the time for all of us to look the country and said what can I do to help of the reconstruction of our country!!! No time to fight for power now....our country needs our help, so lets making it happen ( peyi m, moun mwen...Haiti pou mwen pou ou, pou nou tout....so lets fix it)

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