Agent-x, like Richelle mentioned in Martelly blog on the...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - October 12 2011, 11:14 AM

Agent-x, like Richelle mentioned in Martelly blog on the behalf of Toulimen Legrand.

Stop acting like a second grader in the school yard by attacking others.

She"Richelle"is right some of us cannot think further than the restaurant kitchens loaded with a pile of dishes to wash, taxis and other BS jobs that Haiti cannot offer to its Citizens.

Stop thinking about pulling my Haitian Citizenship from me like your Master Aristide did when he told"macoute pa ladan'n".

This is for the records:Macoutes are Haitian Citizens too.
As for you agent-x think futher than your nose, please.

Find a useful solution like Toulimen Legrand stead of assigning me with a number and my friends.

You are doing a very bad job lately



A-2539 + Ti Mutant are you in compliance with your daily regimen

Jean Pierre Alexandre, Agent-X was able to assign to you a universal dubious code number that is valid everywhere on...

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